KPO Group turns 120 years

25Herman IT’s and KAISAnet’s parent company Kainuun Puhelinosuuskunta (KPO Group) turns 120 years. Kajaanin Telefooniyhtiö was established in 25 April 1898. Since then the Telefooniyhtiö has developed itself into a cooperative that offers versatile information and communication services. The most known founders were pharmacist Fredrik William Stenius and lure factory owner Herman Renfors. During the first year of operation the company had 23 subscribers and only the wealthiest merchants and manufacturers could afford to have a phone. In 1942 the Kajaani Telefooniyhtiö changed its name to Kajaanin Puhelin Oy. A decade later the company was named KainuunPuhelinosuuskunta.

Herman IT was established in 2011 and started operational operations when the data center was completed in 2012. IBM EMDC concept, owned by Herman IT, was officially launched in 2013. The KPO Group now employs some 130 people.