Kajaani Shortlisted as the Datacenter Location of the Year

BroadGroup Announced Shortlist For The 12th Annual Datacloud Global Awards. Kajaani region is a nominee for the Datacenter location of the year -award.

Kajaani has a strong regional HPC-ecosystem with its multiple operators. Kajaani university of applied science launches a new degree program From data to AI next September in order to ensure the availability of skilled workforce. CSC  – IT center for science has its supercomputer in Kajaani and is now a part of consortium that has submitted a tender to place the new EuroHPC pre-exascale machines in CSC’s data center in Kajaani. Herman It is a commercial and growth oriented data center operator with its own HPC-optimized facilities but also with a strong expertise on IT-infrastructure and solutions in general. City of Kainuu and Kainuun liitto have supported the birth and growth of this important industry to the region.

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