Health Information from a Selfie

LocalTapiola is one of the largest insurance companies in Finland. The company aspires to create solutions that improve one’s health and safety, overall quality of life, even before anything harmful happens. One of these solutions is an application that gives health-related feedback based on a selfie.

The application uses a face analysis service developed by Valossa. Other partners in the project are Herman IT as the infrastructure provider, Kustannus Oy Duodecim for life expectancy predictions – a feature that will be added later to the application – and Australian Macquarie University, which provides the original research for the health analysis models.

The health app analyses user’s general health information, such as blood pressure, BMI and body fat percentage, from facial features, focusing on cheeks, forehead and certain points around the facial area. The aim is to awaken a person’s interest towards his or hers personal health and thus trigger consideration on one’s health habits, such as eating and exercising. Later on, the application may also provide health related recommendations for its users and identify malicious moles on one’s skin.

LocalTapiola will pilot the face-based health application in autumn 2019 and is a planned part of the broader TerveysHelppi health application development.

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