Finnish R&D Ecosystem Supports Automotive Industry

The automotive industry, including the transportation industry, is in a period of transition, but remains a key sector for Europe’s prosperity. The sector employs 13.8 million people directly or indirectly. Of the private sector players, the automotive industry also spends the most money on product development. The automotive industry accounts for 7% of EU GDP (Source: European Commission).

On a Finnish scale, Oulu region has grown into a significant automotive cluster, in which circa 40 companies are already involved. Many of the companies represent software or other high-tech branch, such as IoT, and are already working in R&D and other processes in automotive industry as subcontractors. (Source: BusinessOulu). Recently, the actors of this automotive cluster have found each other better, as Oulu Innovation Alliance has been facilitating the birth of the cluster. It has been a pleasure to see how business representatives are happy to meet and share their experiences openly for creating even more lucrative and specialized Oulu Region. BusinessOulu and corporate actions have created important collaborative channels for the ecosystems of Hannover, Stuttgart and Gothenburg.

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Finnish R&D Ecosystem Helps European Automotive  Industry, blog post by Kari Maikkola, Sales Director in Herman IT