Reference story: Valossa Labs

Valossa provides unparalleled AI capabilities to capture new value of video with advanced audiovisual content search and recognition. In the past months Valossa has gained significant international attention and has been nominated to several international lists of most promising AI service providers.

Valossa’s AI-powered services enable a completely new generation of analytics, content management tools as well as methods of monetizing video content. The roots of Valossa are in one of Europe’s leading computer science and AI labs at the University of Oulu in Northern Finland.


Valossa’s video analysis platform needs GPU enhanced server capacity in various development phases. Valossa experienced challenges with previous global cloud provider in increased perfomance requirements and cost efficiency.


Herman IT platform as a service outperformed 3x in performance without compromising cost efficiency.

Valossa CEO Mika values the reliable service and smooth co-operation

With Herman IT’s solution achieved new performance level helped Valossa to notice new development tracks for their AI- algorithms. These new development paths were not noticeable with previous platform due to lower performance level.

“Co-operation with Herman IT has been smooth and easy-going. Transition project was hassle free and finished on time. Service has been available since day one and continued without any downtime. We have received professional and flexible service for our performance critical AI-development- and neural network training workloads. I definitely recommend Herman IT services”, says Mika Rautiainen, the founder and CEO of Valossa Labs.

Valossa has gained concrete benefits from Herman IT’s AI platform- and storage services.

“Herman IT’s tailor-made AI platform services have significantly helped us to streamline the development of Video Recognition and Content Intelligence services, same time boosting our cost-effectiveness”, Mika explains.

Customer tailorability helps to fit Herman IT service for various use cases and to combine Herman IT capacity- and storage services. Our Data Centers are designed for high power density (rack power density >15 kW) therefore our customers are indulged by scalable and secure service with Finland´s best cost-effeciency in Data Center electricity structure.