Case: DeepL

DeepL – Co-location

DeepL, founded in 2009 as Linguee, has a long history of using sophisticated machine learning tools to create solutions for understanding and translating language. By the year 2010, Linguee became the world’s most widely-used dictionary website, and in 2016, the Linguee team began working on a neural network system capable of translating any type of text. In 2017, the company changed its name to DeepL, reflecting their focus on neural networks and deep learning


Due to DeepL´s rapidly-expanding business, they needed to ensure their new HPC cluster´s scalability and connectivity. Additionally important factors for a new service provider were cost-efficiency, environmental responsibility, and short implementation schedules.


Herman IT’s colocation service provided the following benefits:

  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Secure, low-cost renewable energy
  • Low PUE and utilization of free cooling
  • Skilled on-site technical support for deployment and maintenance

Herman IT solved customer pain points by providing secure ISO 27001 certified colocation space with room to expand in terms of power and space. Customers enjoy low-cost renewable energy and market-leading PUE value, benefitting both the customer and the environment.


Herman IT’s infrastructure, combined with an abundance of low-cost renewable energy, free cooling, and waste heat recovery, offers an ideal location for DeepL’s supercomputer. Furthermore, it allows DeepL to train its neural networks cost efficiently in a stable and secure environment.


“Herman IT´s team has a very high level of technical expertise, which was a crucial factor in finding a host for our servers. Furthermore, their hospitality and willingness to help have been amazing