HIT Private and Global Cloud

Herman IT Private Cloud and Global Cloud both offer high security data management as a service. Private Cloud is a high availability service with no service breaks. We produce our Private Cloud Service from our own data center in Renforsin Ranta, Kajaani Finland. HIT Global Cloud facilitates your business by offering top notch connectivity with low latency in a one-stop-shop -manner in over 80 locations world wide.

Herman IT’s scalable cloud solutions adapts with changes in customer’s business and eliminates the need for equipment investments. Invoicing is based only on used service. As a IBM’s business partner we offer you IBM’s cloud solutions as a service: IBM Cloud Private for agile software development and modernization and ICP for Data, for AI and analytics.

For who?

Private Cloud is an excellent choice for all types of services that require flexibility, scalability and performance. The service level can be selected depending on the criticality. Critical services can be placed in a higher availability environment. Affordable basic solution is also available. Private Cloud service is suitable for all size companies and organizations.

Herman IT Global Cloud

Supreme connectivity and low latency between the chosen international data center locations  ensure the usability and quality of your services.  Herman IT Global Cloud is a private cloud available in over 80 locations and 40 countries. One service agreement with us is all that is needed, no messy SLA:s with tens of different service providers. We also take care of the legislative aspects of data handling.

Downloand IBM Whitepaper on AI-ready data


We can outsource server environments by managing clients servers, thus freeing up your resources and guiding them to better serve your business. Outsourcing can be implemented step by step to optimize the already paid licenses and utilizing the whole life cycle of the existing equipment. The implementation is quick and straightforward in the hands of our skilled team. For each implementation we set up a deployment plan that helps us to predict and respond to challenges quickly.

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