Colocation in Kajaani

Kajaani is a perfect place for colocation, and here is why:

  • Annual average temperature is only +2 degrees Celcius – benefit from eco – and cost-efficient free cooling
  • Abundance of renewable and uninterrupted energy from national grid in industrial scale
  • Connectivity to Europe through C-Lion1 and gateway between East and West through Digital Silk Road
  • Finland is politically and environmentally very stabile country – safest in Europe!
  • Highly skilled workforce and one of the leading European high performance computing -ecosystems
Finland is the safest data center country in Europe and fourth safest in the world.

Data Center Risk Index 2016

Our mission is to facilitate our customers’ growth by fulfilling their needs for storing, processing and refining data, whether it is for R&D purposes, AI-development or backing up business critical data. With the help of our colocation service, highly skilled High Performance Computing -team and scalable data center infrastructure we have become a valuable link in our customers’ value chain.

Herman IT Data Center Details:

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013-certificates for data center and infra services.
  • Connections between data centers duplicated.
  • Data center power supply UPS- and reserve power –secured (True 2N –model).
  • Environmentally sound service production: renewable energy sources, free cooling and waste heat recovery.
  • IBM Enterprise conformed service platform, security and management.
  • Top notch dedicated global connectivity


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Environmentally Sound Data Center for HPC Colocation

The environmental impacts of the Data Center have been taken into consideration at the design and construction stage. Utilization of existing industrial infrastructure, dating back from the paper mill business, instead of building new decreased the carbon footprint of the Data Center building project. Multiple hydroelectric and biomass power stations provide a significant supply of environmentally and economically attractive power, which is suitable for heavy industrial use and data center designed for high performance computing. Herman IT’s data center transforms almost all the electricity it uses into heat, and the waste heat is recycled to warm the Industry Park’s office facilities. Herman IT’s data center designed PUE is as low as 1,2.

Annual average temperature in Kajaani is +2 °C.

Today Kajaani Is an European Centre of High Performance Computing

High performance computing optimized data center ecosystem is Kainuu’s most significant growth industry. The ecosystem is attracting both global and national players from a variety of sectors.

CSC – IT center for Science provides it supercomputer for Pan-European research projects. In December 2018, CSC and Atos signed an agreement on the new super computing system. The new system will be placed in CSC’s data center in Kajaani, and the first phase will be operational in the summer of 2019, including a solution designed for AI research. Kajaani University of Applied Science educates data-analysts for the ecosystem’s needs with its unique From Data to AI – program.

Herman IT is the first commercial operator providing HPC-capacity and hosting services. In 2018 DeepL decided to locate its HPC cluster to Herman IT’s data center. Herman IT’s infrastructure, combined with an abundance of low-cost renewable energy, free cooling, and waste heat recovery, offers an ideal location for DeepL’s supercomputer. Furthermore, it allows DeepL to train its neural networks in a stable and secure environment, with a competitive pricing.

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