Data Cloud Europe 2018 – Part 1

Data Cloud Europe 2018 was the 15th year in the conference history.  Conference is recognized as a beacon of high quality content offering thought leadership across the critical IT infrastructure markets and has performed a seminal role as the international networking.

Conference and Gala are great combination

The Monaco event attracts investors, financiers, business leaders and their enterprise customers in the stunning backdrop of Monte Carlo to do deals that influence outcomes for the next 12 months and beyond. This years 11th annual Gala Awards is ”the Oscars of Data Center industry”. All the shortlisted parties have showed demonstrable excellence in the industry. Award Gala was held right by the sea in the heart of Monaco. 850 guest honored the dinner by dressing according the black tie dress code while entering the dinner along the red carpet. Independent judge-panel of 20 people is responsible of deciding the shortlist and eventually the actual winner in each category.

Kajaani double shortlisted

Herman IT and Kajaani Applied Science University (KAMK) were both shortlisted to group of four finalists of Best Program for Data Center Training and Professional Development. In the future, if there is a category concerning Training, co-operation with Herman IT and KAMK as a possible nominee parties, will be necessary and preferably. Together we probably can achieve even better results.

Herman IT and KAMK have a long history of co-operation. They have organized together various different Data Center industry specific courses. Fundamental reason is to nurture future specialists for Data intensive businesses. KAMK ensures hands on approach from year one to assure that students are competent to use various applications and used to manage the Data Center infrastructure as well as cloud stack. Herman IT appreciates highly the given possibility to influence on KAMK offering of specific courses so, that they match company´s needs. Close and flexible co-operation ensures new trainees and employees readiness for actual business challenges in the area, where development is continuous and very quick.

Kajaani Ecosystem reach

Kajaani Data Center Eco-system is a strength that is recognized in Data Center industry and attracted strong attention among conference guests and Herman IT clients. Ability to match and exceed customer expectations with smart hands skill-level is an asset that our customer appreciates greatly. Eco-system is also a competitive advantage hard to copy. Herman IT´s ecosystem reaches also to Oulu and Helsinki. In Oulu, Herman IT has also an branch office located near University of Oulu and Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT). Also many parts of University of Applied Sciences is moving to the same campus area. A big part of Herman IT´s ecosystem is also business partners, such as IBM as a strategic partner.

This article is the first of three blog posts describing topics, trends and Herman IT thoughts evolved from Data Cloud Europe 2018.