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Herman IT Private Cloud

We offer future proofed IT Services from our new ultramodern data center, which is located at Renforsin Ranta Business Park. The data center is ISO 27001 certified which ensures our customers secure processes and service provisioning.

Our cloud services scale according to our customers needs. Depending on the need we can implement server environment outsourcing by managing customers servers or implementing a new dedicated virtual or physical environment. Our cloud server environment is located in the state of the art technological environment, where the priority is to ensure security and availability of the service. All the services we produce are designed for high availability, in other words the data center is designed for continuous operation without maintenance outages.

Whether you need one or hundreds of virtual servers we are able to fulfill your needs. Private cloud offers our customer an ability to harness the power of the latest technology according to their needs without investments. We offer virtual servers with Intel and IBM Power technologies. Most common operating systems are supported.

The infrastructure can be altered to meet our customers special needs. Our skilled team and partnerships with IBM, Citrix, Microsoft etc. ensure the quality in our service management.

Public Cloud – IBM Softlayer

In addition to our domestic Data Center we offer our customers the opportunity to utilize the capacity from the IBM Softlayer public cloud. Softlayer Data Centers are located around the globe and integrate through Softlayers own private network.

Additional services include load-balancing, firewall etc. Softlayer network can be utilized by content distribution optimization. Our service level agreement (SLA) includes Softlayer capacity. We take care of Softlayer capacity according to agreed service levels as it was in our data center.

SoftLayer gives you the highest performing cloud infrastructure available. One platform that takes data centers around the world that are full of the widest range of cloud computing options, and then integrates and automates everything. Learn more.

Herman IT GPU

We offer a cost efficient Supercomputing capacity from the cool clouds of Finland. Our customers benefit the cost efficient data center platform and the full power of bare-metal machines.

Customers have the freedom to pick up the best specification to their needs. Multiple GPU brands and server specs to cover the changing needs of our customers. Although Herman IT GPU service can be used for machine learning and AI development, we want to have the customer experience as a Human to Human model.

Accelerated Computing is becoming a necessity for Scientists, engineers and developers who all need massive parallel compute power. Hybrid solutions are available in terms of colocation service to physical hardware and additional GPU service for scale up. Use cases starting from graphical design, deep learning and gaming Herman IT can assists in sizing the platform and choosing the right software stack to start with.

Interested in supercomputing capacity? Find out more about Herman IT GPU services.

Got interested? We are happy to help you select the best service for your needs.



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